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Big Data Solutions

Take advantage of data. We ask them questions to obtain valuable conclusions for any football lover or professional

Intelligent Analytics

The most interesting, usable and surprising statatistic just with a click.

Sports Intelligence

Never seen in soccer. The most advanced technology that enriches the king sport in the era of data

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Join Live

Live analysis about the current match

  • How your opponent is hurting your team?
  • What weaknesses are showing?
  • Is there anything that your team is not doing well?
  • Obtain only what you need in a few seconds
  • Complex analysis about what really matters
  • Choose the aspects that you prefer and display them during the break

Join Week

Analyze in depth all matches that you need

  • Your best ally during the week to prepare the following matches
  • Choose the matches you want to analyze and under what conditions
  • Customize analysis to keep only what you care
  • Get in a second complex analysis resulting from Big Data
  • Compare analysis under different conditions
  • Choose the most important analysis and view them on video


Customizable Analysis: YOU decide what and how you want to analyze and know

Advanced technology& Football

The best Big Data technology for any football lover or porfessional


Any international competition, in several languages, anywhere in the world


In an instant, the information about the match, team or player you want


Information that the eye does not see


Always working to show the best information about football

Teams analyzed
Players analyzed
Matches analyzed
Actions analyzed

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Fresh and agile company, full of intra-entrepreneurs, technology-based company with a great power in R & D but with great experts in top sport. Join: union of sports and technical skills. A company to research the state of the art technology and give it a sport utility. Artificial intelligence, integrated management software 100% cloud, etc. Adaptable and scalable to the customer. Seeking synergies for increasing team, coach and athlete performance.

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