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Big Data Solutions

Take advantage of data wherever they are and at any volume. We ask them questions and get valuable conclusions

Intelligent Analytics

We build dashboard for monitoring and analyzing online and offline data using artificial intelligence techniques

Sports Intelligence

Area Math Engineering has developed Join SP Intelligence, as artificial intelligence engine. Powerful R & D + I for decision-making, which is designed and implemented customized for each technical coach or scout

Our products

Join Live

Analyzes the match live you're playing

  • How you're hurting the rival?
  • What weaknesses are showing?
  • Is there anything that your team is not doing well?
  • Stay only what interests you in a few seconds
  • Complex analysis on what really matters
  • Choose the aspects that need and display them break

Join Week

Analyzes in depth all parties need

  • Your best ally during the week to prepare the following matches
  • Choose what parties want to analyze and under what conditions
  • Customize analysis to keep only what you care
  • Get in less than a second complex analysis results Big Data
  • Compare analysis under different conditions
  • Choose the most striking analysis and view them on video


Customizable Analysis: YOU decide what and how you want to analyze

Advanced technology& Football

The best Big Data technology with the knowledge of top-level analysts


Analysis in international competitions, in several languages, anywhere in the world


In a few seconds you get the results of complex analyzes of several parties


To save time and be able to devote to more important tasks


Always working to improve and create new analyzes

Analyzed teams
Analyzed players
Analyzed matches
Analyzed moves

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About us

An agile company, full of intra-entrepreneurs, technology-based company with a great power in R & D but with great experts in the world of top sport. Join: union of sport and technical skill. A company to investigate the latest developments of ICT and give them a sport utility. artificial intelligence, integrated management software 100% cloud, etc. Ever since the adaptable and scalable to the customer. From its own data and make conclusions dealing seeking them. Seeking synergies for increased performance coach and athlete.

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